RS Gold Contemporary

Established in 1988, RS JEWELLERS provides a wide range of products, specializing in 22K Gold jewellery to fine jewellery products.

RS JEWELLERS is a well-established manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of 22K Gold jewellery and Fine Jewellery products. It offers an extensive range of finished products and specializes in 18K gold fine jewellery with diamond, precious and semi-precious gemstones.

In order to keep pace with the changing market and customer need, it aims at innovative designs, manufacturing efficiency, quality and craftsmanship assurance.

With support from an efficient team, the company provides reliable delivery and excellent sales services to fulfill the needs of all customers. In addition to our share in the local market, we also export our products to worldwide countries.

The RS Vision:

Excellence… Exquisite… Elegance…

At RS JEWELLERS we believe that excellence is achieved with our exquisite and elegant jewellery to suit your every special occasion and desire.

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