Gold has long stood as a timeless statement of style and beauty. From everyday jewellery to bridal creations – RS JEWELLERS has a vast range of exquisite pieces for you to select from.

Investing In Gold

While it’s no surprise that we love to wear gold on our bodies, can gold jewellery be more than just a fashion statement? Because gold is a valuable asset, is owning gold jewelry a sound investment strategy?

Gold seems to retain its value over time, even when the stock market is fluctuating. However, if you’re looking to flip your gold jewellery, you would need to invest in a substantial accessory to make any serious cash. Although investing in gold can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, gold jewellery isn’t the most powerful form of gold investing.

That being said, having gold jewellery in your collection can still be a smart move. Many people in Eastern countries such as China and India have extensive gold jewellery collections. Amassing a collection of gold jewellery can work as an emergency stash for a rainy day.

Why Buy Gold?

Not only is gold an excellent way to hedge against market volatility; it’s also an untraceable asset you can use when you don’t have any paper cash. Some of the advantages of buying gold jewellery as an investment are:

  • There is a global market and high demand for gold jewellery;
  • You can wear your investment to gain social status;
  • Gold is resistant to tarnishing.

Some of the disadvantages of gold jewellery as an investment are:

  • You have to physically store it somewhere safe when you’re not using it;
  • Gold doesn’t generate passive income;
  • Can be difficult to sell above what you initially paid for it.

Investing in gold jewellery can be a wise decision however, it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re looking to make a lot of money fast, you should probably stay away from gold altogether. Gold is typically used as a stable investment strategy to hedge against stock market volatility. It can also be a good emergency stash to rely on during uncertain times.

If you can afford a gold chain or ring and you want to flaunt your status then be sure to only buy something you can afford and avoid purchasing gold jewellery on credit.

Whether you want to invest in gold jewellery solely depends on your goals so feel free to browse through our website or by all means arrange an appointment to visit our store and we will glad to assist you.

Source Credit: Learn About Gold | April 14, 2021, Is Gold Jewelry A Good Investment?

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