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Valcambi Suise 100gm. 9999 Pure Gold

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Valcambi Suisse is one of Switzerlands older refining operations. Launched in 1961, it was originally known as Valori & Cambi and is today one of the most respected refineries in the world. Its gold bars are known for the quality of refining and ship, in most cases, with sealed assay cards.


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Arrives with a blisterproof card package! Includes an assay card! Contains 100 Grams, 3.215 Troy oz, of .9999 pure gold. On the obverse are the weight, metal content, and purity. The reverse features only the mint name. Available in brand-new condition.

Your purchase of a 100 Gram Gold Bar through this listing comes with a sealed, blisterproof assay card package. The packaging houses one bar at a time and comes with an assay card. That assay card has the Valcambi Suisse name on the obverse, while the reverse of the card has a matching serial number from the bar and comes with the signature of a certified assayer.


On the obverse of the bars, you will find the Valcambi Suisse logo at the top of the design field. The rotating square is a common feature of all Valcambi products and is accompanied by inscriptions of the weight, metal content, and purity of the bar. You will also find the assayers mark on this face with a unique serial number. Valcambi uses a standard two-letter, six-number coding system for its serial numbers.


The reverse face of these 100 Gram Gold Bars comes with only the mint name on the surface. Arranged horizontally along the longer face of the bar, the only words on this side are Valcambi Suisse, with the second word below the first in the design.

Dimensions:27x47x4.5 mm
Manufacturer:Valcambi Suise

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